Registration of new users

  • Registration of new users is carried out completely automatically when you first log in to any server of the Distance Education Platform using for this purpose user credentials used in the e-mail service in the domain or
  • The correct username to enter when logging in is the sequence of characters preceding the @ sign in the email address. Please enter only the username (without the string @ or @ and the associated password, just like in electronic mail. If the first login (creating a user) fails, please check whether you can log in to the mail system ( or If there is no access to the mail system, it means that the account data is incorrect.
  • The method of authentication of users registered before 1.10.2017 remains unchanged.
  • By registering an account, the user confirms at the same time that he has read and accepted the Regulations of the Distance Education Platform of the Silesian University of Technology and the privacy policy.
  • In case of any problems with registration or logging in, please contact the Centre for Distance Education via the HelpDesk system.
Last modified: poniedziałek, 18 marca 2019, 8:40